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A gratuity, often known as a tip, is money that customers frequently pay to certain service industry employees, such as those in the hotel industry, in addition to the basic service fee for the work they have completed.

The number of tips is a question of social custom and etiquette, and the tradition varies by context and by country. In some nations, tipping bar and restaurant servers, taxi drivers, hair stylists, and other service providers are traditional.

Typically, a tip should be a portion of the overall cost of your trip. The typical method of tipping taxi drivers is to merely request that they keep the change. As a matter of fact, leaving a tip is expected in the service sector. It does not matter what kind of worker it is. It is the correct thing to do, whether you are dealing with a hotel or restaurant waiter, porter, tour guide, Uber driver, room service etc.

Why Do Taxi Drivers Deserve Gratuities?

The following are a few of the explanations for tipping in taxis.

Reduced Hourly Rates

Taxi drivers in Canada make around $16 per hour on average. The price ranges from $15 to $20. This hourly wage is based on a number of variables, including education, experience, certifications and added abilities. As you can tell, this hourly salary is quite little. In reality, the majority of taxi drivers are underpaid. Due to this, giving Canada taxi tip increases the taxi driver’s salary. In addition, for many drivers, receiving Canada taxi tip might serve as motivation to perform well. This is why giving Canada taxi tip to a driver is the best way to express your gratitude for their exceptional service.

Here’s you Can identify Outstanding Service That is Tip-Worthy:

Local knowledge:

The driver can take you exactly where you need to go without requesting your assistance with directions. Such a driver may readily offer numerous top-rated locations in the region, even if you are just looking for something to do.

Quick service:

Your driver can choose routes effectively, take detours to avoid traffic, and travel shorter distances to your location.


When you interact with them, you are greeted by a warm, smiling face that gives you their whole attention and uplifts your ride. Furthermore, they take special care to assist you when you are having trouble with your bags.

As a rule, reward any driver who makes an effort to ensure that you have a comfortable ride.

Assist with Luggage

Contrary to ridesharing, where Uber drivers may decline to assist with bags, taxi drivers frequently do. It is great etiquette to give tip for taxi services to the driver if they voluntarily and joyfully assist you with loading and unloading your bags. Most likely, such a driver made for an enjoyable ride. Hence, you should think about leaving Canada taxi tip that is at least 20% of the fare.

Ride Length

Do not be afraid to tip your driver if they make your long journey enjoyable throughout. As you get closer to your destination, simply check the taxi’s meter, make a quick estimate, and tip for taxi service to the driver according to the distance travelled.

Choosing the Quickest Route

You have a cause to leave a larger tip for a taxi if the driver was aware of the traffic and took precautions to stay off of busy roadways. Keep in mind that not all drivers will take any action to hasten your arrival. It is wise to tip the driver more if they demonstrate a thorough knowledge of the area and propose alternate routes that would benefit you.

The Amount of Tip You Should Give to Taxi Drivers

At least 15 to 20% of the total cost of your journey should be left as a tip for the driver. If you consider leaving a tip that is less than 10%, you might as well not tip at all. Moreover, leave a tip of at least $1 if your fare is less than $10; as it would be rude and more difficult to come up with a tip of 50 cents. It is important to note that requesting further change after tipping your taxi driver demonstrates poor tipping manners.

How Much Should You Tip for Superior Service?

Give a standard taxi tip of 20% or more if the cab driver goes above and beyond to make your trip as pleasant as possible. For instance, if the driver helped you with your bags, was pleasant and upbeat the entire time, gave you insights on the best places to see in the region, and delivered you to your destination on schedule, that is good service deserving more. On the other hand, do not bother tipping the driver if they provide low-standard services. Because by doing otherwise, you reward and promote poor service.

How Much Should You Give a Taxi Driver At the Airport?

Taxi drivers at airports should be tipped in the same manner as other drivers. The main distinction would be that you might want assistance with loading and unloading your stuff. In that case, you may give the driver a bigger tip if they help you out.


Taxi drivers expect tips, whether you are in Canada, the US or somewhere else in the world. Give the driver a standard taxi tip in proportion to the services they provide, but do not give less than 10% of the whole fare. Rather, make it 20% or more for great services. To make sure you tip properly, it is a good idea to investigate the customs in the location where you are taking a cab. Taxi drivers receive poor pay, so whenever you take one, think about leaving a tip to help them out. In all service businesses, this appreciation-based culture is highly advised.

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