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Our mission is to serve our customers with dedication, courage, and honesty. Premier taxi services is striving every day to make a big name in the Transportation market, and has achieved many milestones since then. Our goal is absolute “Customer Satisfaction” & “Total Quality Management”. Feel the difference with Premier services for a safe & a smooth ride.


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Premier Taxi is a licensed company by the City of Toronto & we are providing the services since 2008. Our aim is to provide our customers fast, reliable & timely services with good customer manners. All vehicles have commercial insurance as required by The Toronto City.

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You need a pickup from the nearest Airport or a drop-off to a Wedding party. Our product is “Best Customer Service” & our goal is “Customer Satisfaction”.



Your friend’s birthday party dinner needs your attention. Don’t delay & enjoy a fast drop-off at the restaurant



Airport drop-offs and Pick-ups as we provide “meet & greet services” at airport ($35Fee). Pre-Arrange services from the Airport are available ($15 Airport Fee).



We can be your ride in-case you need to rush to your nearest hospital for an emergency checkup or an injury treatment



Enjoy your long ride to the beaches, enjoy the picnic party experience with our taxi & commute service


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Spend your free day at a shopping mall & give us a call for fast taxi & commute services


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Attend wedding parties of your friends & family by just booking our service in advance. Look fresh & be there well in advance


Taxis in Toronto city can run anywhere in the GTA as long as they have a licence from the municipality where they are situated. The licence number must be displayed on a metal plate that must be fastened to the back of each cab. A small number of businesses with licences exist in York and Peel Regions, however, the majority are based in Toronto. In Canada, licences for taxi in Toronto are given out by the Toronto Licensing Commission. Since the late 1990s, the city has also provided training programs for taxi and limousine drivers in an effort to raise the level of service provided by Toronto taxis. Current cab drivers who complete a unique 40-day training program can operate Ambassador Taxicabs, which are much greater in standard than conventional taxis. There are over 5,800 registered taxis in Toronto, and around 2000 of them have an ambassador licence. The taxicab sector employs more than 17,000 people, and it generates an estimated 1.5 million dollars every day from the projected 65,000 trips that are made every day. Over the next ten years, there will be a 10% increase in ridership, with an additional 2.1 million fares by the end of 2022. Moreover, at Toronto Pearson International Airport, limo cabs are permitted to drop off passengers, but they are not permitted to pick up passengers without acquiring an additional permit. For taxis and limousines at the airport, the Greater Toronto Airport Authority issues licences and regulations. The City of Toronto Act has prohibited non-Toronto cabs from picking up passengers in Toronto since 2007 unless they have a permit to do so. At the Pearson airport, a taxi in Toronto and limousine can be reserved in advance with child car seats. There is a simple process that must be followed in order to make reservations in advance. The Greater Toronto Airport Authorities have set flat pricing for Toronto Airport Limousines. As a matter of fact, the majority of foreign-born cab drivers in the entire world are located in Toronto. South Asian or African ethnicity makes up the bulk of Toronto’s cab drivers. Taxi drivers who are immigrants are more likely to have advanced degrees (20% have undergraduate or master’s degrees compared to 4% of drivers who are Canadian-born) or other credentials, which has prompted criticism of Canada’s immigration policy.
The service of airport taxi in Toronto provides transportation from the airport to your destination and back, enabling you to complete your trip. Fortunately, you may reserve this transportation service online in accordance with your needs and budget. Choosing this service from a dependable and effective source is a fantastic option. It might be challenging to identify a licenced airport taxi in Toronto taxi or a limo if you are new to the area or have never utilised this service, which is crucial because doing so will protect your safety and security. They adhere to all safety regulations, accept all major credit cards, and provide flat fares to Toronto destinations with no surge pricing. Airport limos are classy black automobiles that cost roughly 10% more than airport taxi in Toronto, so keep that in mind. You can take a few precautions to identify a legitimate airport cab at Toronto Pearson International Airport. First of all, go to the appropriate pickup location on the terminal curbs, Arrivals Level. Next, look for the GTAA licence plate on the bumper and window sticker. You can ask for information on the flat rate fare in the vehicle or use a tool to estimate your fare. You also need to know exactly where to get a city taxi in Toronto or limousine service. As customers cannot be picked up inside terminals or parking garages by authorised taxis and limousines. There are two terminals at the Pearson Airport. It formerly had three, but terminal 2 which is now called the third, was destroyed in 2007 during renovations and was never rebuilt. A 24-hour light rail connects the two terminals of Toronto Pearson. The check-in counters for Emirates, Air Canada, and all other Star Alliance airlines are located at Terminal 1, which has the largest floor area in Canada. The Toronto airport taxi on this terminal is located at Door D and the limos are located at Door C. whereas, OneWorld (American and British Airways) and SkyTeam (Delta) member airlines that fly into YYZ use Terminal 3. The city taxi of Toronto on this terminal is located at Doors D, E and F. While the limos are located at Door F. In case you are taking animals along with you, note that unless they are service or support animals, drivers in Canada are legally allowed to refuse to carry people with animals. You may ask the curb attendant to point you in the direction of an airport taxi in Toronto or a limo if you need assistance finding transportation since you are travelling with a pet. On the other hand, if you are travelling with mobility aids and service animals then you can take the first car in the taxi or limo line-up. This is due to the reason that mobility aid users cannot be turned away, put in a difficult situation, or charged more to transfer their goods. All in all, in many instances, booking a Toronto airport taxi service in advance can guarantee that you enjoy yourself and, more significantly, that your trip will not be ruined by inconveniences.
Among the most popular and convenient forms of transportation in Toronto, Canada today, are taxis without a question. There will always be a taxi available during the day or night, whether you are planning a night out or require transportation to the airport. For individuals who frequently need transportation, dialling the Toronto Taxi phone number is a great option. The fact that a cab is available around-the-clock, seven days a week, gives them a great deal of peace of mind. The only information you will need to provide is your location and the time you would want to be picked up, and a Toronto taxi service will be waiting for you when you need one. Nowadays, there seems to be a widespread misperception that employing a cab service is an impractical and very expensive choice. However, nothing could be more false than that. Because by contacting a Toronto taxi phone number, you begin to realise that what you are paying is fairly affordable when you take into account the degree of comfort and ease of hiring a cab, especially when you are being dropped off door to door. Employing a Toronto taxi service relieves the strain of travelling. You may avoid becoming too stressed out by using a taxi service, which will also save you a lot of time. For instance, if you frequently take public transportation, you undoubtedly are aware of how unpredictable it can be. When time is of importance, worrying about your train or bus arriving on time and then being able to obtain a seat is definitely not ideal! Similarly, even if you choose to drive yourself, you must consider parking and route planning which can be a problem sometimes, especially if the area is crowded. You can put an end to this tension by letting your taxi driver take you where you need to be. Furthermore, you may contact the Toronto taxi phone number to experience a secure and professional environment. It is in the best interest of the customer for taxi businesses to hire only qualified and experienced drivers. A competent taxi driver will be familiar with all the routes in the area and will be aware of the usual traffic patterns. In light of this, hiring a cab from a reputable firm will provide you with complete assurance and enable you to unwind and enjoy the ride. Moreover, you may dial up a Toronto taxi number and work a taxi around your wants, which will be highly accommodating to your needs. It gives you the freedom to go wherever you want, anytime you want! In addition to this, a taxi driver will not need to make frequent stops to pick up additional passengers like on a bus or train. So, are you trying to find a good way to get around Toronto? One of your best options is Premier Taxi Service, which is a reputable taxi company that goes above and beyond as a taxi operator by providing reliable transportation services across Toronto, Canada. Hence, whenever you need a taxi, you can contact our Toronto taxi number and avail our services.

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